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I have been a printmaker for more than 20 years now, and I love the medium.

I first fell in love with it when with my husband I moved to Brunei, and bought my first press. Since then I have constantly evolved and hopefully improved on my printmaking skills.  I am self taught, and have probably made every mistake possible, taking me to where I am today, with a clear language of my own in my chosen medium.

My work is all about the small things in life, the things that bring us pleasure, a walk in nature, shared moments of joy with our families, a good book, and I quite intentionally try to bring a sense of humour to my work, inviting you to share a smile with me.

I live and work on the stunningly beautiful island of Møn in the South of Denmark, where I have my studio in a converted barn and live just next door, the shortest commute in history.

Through my husbands work, we have lived in many places all around the world, and came back to my native country in 2014.

My travels are clearly visible in my work and I hope you will enjoy the prints I make.

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